Jenny Sherar

Western Australia

Having been a patient of Dr Kusel’s for over 35 years, she has been a very important part of my family’s lives. When discussing with her, my 13yr old daughter’s anxiety, self-doubt and poor attitude towards learning, Dr Kusel suggested hypnotherapy. I will admit that I agreed with significant reservations about the likelihood of hypnotherapy being a treatment that would be successful, but it had come to the stage I was willing to try anything to help her.

The process was very patient orientated, and only if my daughter felt comfortable would it proceed. The results were immediate. For the first time in years, she fell asleep independently, quickly and with her door closed. At Parent Teacher Interviews only a few weeks later, every single teacher indicated that her attitude in the last few weeks had changed dramatically, as had her success at academic tasks. Her netball coach spontaneously offered that she didn’t know why, but that my daughter seemed like a new girl, she was best on ground for the 1st time.

The positive impact of this hypnotherapy treatment, on my daughter, has been profound. Even more than this, it has had a flow on, calming effect for our entire family. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending that others pursue the treatment, so much so that my sister is looking forward to organizing hypnotherapy for her son, when they next return to Perth.

Maira Rodrigues

Western Australia

I came to see Dr Merci to work on personal issues that I have had from my childhood and that I had tried to work through counselling for several years previously. I am happy to report that after just one session I was able to overcome insecurities and the fears that held me back for so long and are now gone. Even close friends have noticed the difference and have mentioned that I look confident and more peaceful.

I could never thank Dr Merci enough for healing me at the most deepest level. She is the most compassionate and altruistic person I have ever met and I could not recommend her enough. Thank you so much again!