Dr. Merci Kusel has more than 30 years years’ experience in family medicine. Over the years,she found that more and more of her patients were presenting with mental health disorders with the most common being anxiety, low self esteem and self confidence. Even with counselling and psychological therapy, many of these patients would return repeatedly with the same issues. She decided to study hypnotherapy to gain a greater understanding of how and why our beliefs are formed and how these beliefs determine our patterns of behaviour.

Merci specialises in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). Through hypnotherapy and RTT, she helps you to find the root cause of your beliefs and how your patterns of behaviour are formed through the inner workings of your subconscious mind.

As a GP and clinical hypnotherapist, Merci helps clients overcome a range of lifestyle issues. These include overcoming anxiety, improving self esteem and self confidence, overcome phobias, improve academic and work performance and quitting smoking. She works with people in Australia as well as internationally to achieve their goals.

Our thoughts drive the way we feel about ourselves, our behavior, motivation and actions.

Experiences and beliefs we acquire in our early childhood are stored in our subconscious mind. We have more than 100,000 thoughts a day and 95% of these thoughts are subconscious. In order to understand the workings of our subconscious minds, I studied hypnotherapy.

I studied with world reknowned hypnotherapists Rick Collingwood and Bob Burns in Australia and was also personally trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)in London by Marisa Peer, who has been voted UK’s best hypnotherapist.

Rapid Transformational Therapy uses hypnosis and regression to discover the root cause and reasons for your issue. By uncovering these, you will understand how the beliefs you have formed in childhood or early life have continued to affect your thoughts, your behavior and actions.

Life can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting, but I’m here to guide you through the many obstacles you may face. My goal is to help you understand the root cause and the reason for why you have the issue/s.

We develop and hold on to many beliefs that were formed in our early life. Once we find the root cause and the reasons for these underlying beliefs, we can then work on changing these beliefs and transform your life.

Understanding is power. and armed with this knowledge, you can begin to make changes to free yourself from old, outmoded patterns of behavior and transform your life straight away.I’d love to help you on your journey towards healing and self-empowerment.

Let go of the luggage of your old life, be transformed and begin a new journey, free of all the old patterns of behavior and worries.